Dave Torrey & Ritsche Arenas


Arena Advertising Program

For information on the MAC Advertising Program please contact
Steve Ree, the MAC's Marketing Executive at (320) 250-5546 or by email at (SREE800800@aol.com)

- For a schematic displaying, ad locations, availability and advertising information, click here.

 Dasher Board
The most popular form of Arena advertisment, they surround the surface of the ice rinks

 3' x 7'
Dave Torrey Arena
Option 1 - 33" x 7'
Option 2 - 33" x 15'

Ritsche Arena
Option 1 - 33" x 7'
Option 2 - 33" x 15'
Place a sign in Torrey and Ritsche arena and save 15%

 3' x 15'

 Back-lit Signs
These signs are the most attractive form of Arena signage
 Press Box Dave Torrey Arena
Press Box 3' x 5'
Scoreboard 3'9"x 5'
Scoreboard 3'9"x 10'

Ritsche Arena
East Scoreboard 2'10" x 4'1"
West Scoreboard 2'10" x 3'1"

 Ice Resurfacer
Everytime the ice is resurfaced, your message is reshown. Each resurfacer includes two sides, one top, one front, and one rear area
Full Side

Upper half of Side = $750/yr
Lower half of Side = $600/yr
Top half of Side - $800/yr
Entire Side = $1,200/yr
Top = $500/yr
Front = $600/yr
Full Zamboni Wrap (Sides, Top, Front) = $3,000/yr
Rear = $200/yr
Conditioner Sides = $300/yr
*Note - Production charges will apply *

 Indoor Video Boards
These large flatscreen panels get the attention of every person walking throughout the MAC complex. With upto 3 screens playing your message in the arenas, your advertisement is assured to be a hit
Per Month Ad Rates,
(over 5,000 impressions/month)
6 Second ad length; $30/month $.006 per impression

 In Ice Logos
Fans can't help but notice your logo placed inside these 12' diameter face-off circles (4 per rink)
Dave Torrey Arena
12' Diameter or 8'x16'
In-Ice Spots = $1,000 for 1
or $1,800 for 2

Ritsche Arena
12' Diameter or 8'x16'
In-Ice Spots = $900 for 1
or $1,600 for 2

Outdoor Marquee
The outdoor marquee sits on Veteran's Drive where over 20,000 cars per day see your ad.
11'x15' display size
= $340 week / 42,000+ plays per week
= $700 month / 170,000+ plays per month

Wall Banners
Get your message out in a big way... These 12' x 24' wall banners will shout your message to thousands of potential customers.
1 year contract = $1700/yr
2 year contract = $1600/yr
3 year contract = $1500/yr

plus a one time production cost of $400
In Floor Graphic Sponsors
These ads will floor you! As a floor sponsor, you will be sponsoring a section of decorative flooring that covers 500 square feet with your logo permanently installed in the floor or if you so choose on a wall adjacent to the floor.
5 year contract = $3,000 or 8 year contract for $5,000

No Production costs for floor/wall graphics

Full Payment must be paid in advance of logo placement and floor installation

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