Dave Torrey & Ritsche Arenas


Arena Advertising Program

For information on the MAC Advertising Program please contact
Todd Bissett at the MAC

 Dasher Board

Ritsche Arena
Option 1 - 33" x 7'
Option 2 - 33" x 15'
The most popular form of Arena advertisement, they surround the surface of the ice rinks

 3' x 7'

 3' x 15'

 Back-lit Scoreboard Signs
These signs are the most attractive forms of Arena sign age
Ritsche Arena
East Scoreboard 2'10" x 4'1"
West Scoreboard 2'10" x 3'1"

 Ice Resurfacer
Every time the ice is resurfaced, your message is shown. Each resurfacer includes two sides, one top, one front, and one rear area
Full Side

Upper half of Side = $850/yr
Lower half of Side = $700/yr
Top half of Side - $900/yr
Entire Side = $1,500/yr
Top = $600/yr
Front = $600/yr
Full Zamboni Wrap (Sides, Top, Front) = $3,000/yr
Rear = $200/yr
Conditioner Sides = $300/yr
*Note - Production charges will apply *

 Indoor TV Screens
These large flat screen panels get the attention of every person walking throughout the MAC complex. With up to 3 screens playing your message in the arenas, your advertisement is assured to be a hit
Per Month Ad Rates,
(over 5,000 impressions/month)
6 Second ad length; $365/year $.006 per impression

 In Ice Logos
Fans can't help but notice your logo placed inside these 12' diameter face-off circles (4 per rink)
Ritsche Arena
12' Diameter or 8'x16'
Ritsche Arena
12' Diameter or 8'x16'
In-Ice Spots = $1,000 for 1
or $1,800 for 2

Wall Banners
Get your message out in a big way... These 12' x 24' wall banners will shout your message to thousands of potential customers.
1 year contract = $2300/yr
2 year contract = $2100/yr
3 year contract = $2000/yr

plus a one time production cost of $600
In Floor Graphic Sponsors
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