Dick Putz and Joe Faber Baseball Stadiums

Municipal Athletic Complex
5001 Veterans Drive
St. Cloud, MN 56303
Baseball Stadium Advertising Program

For information on the MAC Advertising Program please contact
Steve Ree at (320)250-5546

For a schematic displaying ad locations and availability, click here.

 Outfield Fence
Imagine your company logo exposed to thousands of baseball fans at our beautiful stadiums all summer long. Whether it's company awareness, increased traffic or product promotion, you are sure to see returns. Just 34 of these prime spots are available per stadium
Dick Putz Stadium
60"x10' = $ 4,500 1 Year
60"x10' = $ 8,000 2 Year
60"x10' = $10,000 3 Year

Joe Faber Stadium
7'6"x14' = $2,000

A premium way to show support of St. Cloud baseball. Available at both fields
Two Panels
8'x16' each = $3,000

One Panel
3'x36' = $3,000

 Foul Poles
When it's a close call, make sure your message
is a part of it.
Dick Putz Field
2'x16' = $600

Joe Faber Field
2'x16' = $1,000

 Metro Map Signage - (Dick Putz Field Only)
This colorful map and corresponding ad panel will help potential customers locate your business
2'x4' Full Panel = $200 month
17"x11" 1/3 Panel = $70 month
8.5"x11" 1/6 Panel = $40 month
8.5"x5.5" 1/12 Panel = $25 month

 Upper Grand Stand - Back-lit Signs
An excellant opportunity for advertisment in the ballpark, this is a great way for fans to see your sign as they come and go from their seats. Six spots per stadium
Dick Putz Field
3'x8' = $750

Joe Faber Field
3'x8' = $500

 Entrance Signs - Permanent - Joe Faber Field Only
prominent lobby position as fans pass through the front gates. The sign will feature directional information, a "Welcome to Joe Faber Field" and your logo. Available at Joe Faber Field only.
(sizes and prices to be determined later).

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